Sally Williams, owner and principal interior designer of Colorful Concepts Interior Design, has a design aesthetic that is timeless and free of stylistic premises working in contemporary and traditional spaces alike.

Sally’s approach to design was inspired by a trip to California earlier in her life, where her passion for art revealed itself. She was inspired by vibrancy, color and the way an artists’ work could make you feel. Shortly thereafter, she opened an art gallery in downtown Raleigh where she carefully curated art, fine crafts, and other home décor. Clients began requesting the help of Sally because of her expert taste and it was then that she realized her true calling was Interior Design.

The gallery and artists Sally worked with still inspire her design approach today. She begins her design with the color palette, which sets the tone for the entire project. Sally transforms a space artistically, providing balanced composition and soulful color schemes set in crisp optimistic environments. She has a strong philosophy that environments impact peoples’ daily lives, and she works with the client to deeply understand what they want and need in their space. A multi-cultural heritage and years abroad have also inspired Sally’s creativity, which is delivered beyond her client’s expectations.

Sally continues to be passionate about Fine Art and Craft. She is a former Member of the Board of the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild, where she worked to bring awareness of talented artists and craftsmen to the area and to her clients. Helping clients start their own art collections is a passion of Colorful Concepts Interior Design, as it enables you to put the ultimate distinctive stamp on your home and your lifestyle.

Extensive experience in corporate management, as well an accounting degree from The College of William and Mary, enhance Sally's ability to skillfully manage each design endeavor. She is a member of the Home Builders Association, the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the Alliance of Interior Designers, is a Past President of the Triangle Chapter of the Interior Design Society, and is CQRID-certified.

Colorful Concepts is a full service Interior Design studio providing professional services in residential renovation design, space planning, new home materials selections, custom window treatments and furnishings, fine art and craft consulting, and more. At Colorful Concepts Interior Design, long-term client relationships are valued, and we look forward to working with you on future projects as well. We are fortunate to serve clients in a way that truly enhances their lives.