Colorful Transformation in Country Ridge Estate

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What We Did: Furnishings, Custom Window Treatments, Paint, Lighting, Artwork, Décor

Introducing color to this living and dining space was a breeze for a client with an equally vibrant personality!

The Color Palettes

Living Room: Sunny yellow, navy blue


Dining Room: Bold navy, white, warm woods


Kitchen Window Treatments: Blue, green

This Project’s “Don’t Miss” Details

The living room’s marbleized pattern on the fabric we used to recover our client’s existing sofa and window lambrequins

The navy and pale blue accent pillows offsetting the sofa’s bold pattern


The North Carolina pottery from our client’s collection


The ceramic wall flowers over the display cabinet in the dining room


The way the dining room’s bold wall color adds personality and freshness to the traditional furnishings


The vivid painting adds a pop of brightness to the moody-hued walls


The custom orchid arrangement in a glazed porcelain bowl


The pair of tall, pierced urns flanking the orchid arrangement


The unique pairings of salad and dessert plates, along with an assortment of blue and white decorative pieces artfully arranged inside the display cabinet


The whimsical pattern and glass bead trim on the kitchen’s awning-style window treatments