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Full Service Design for
Furnishings & Decor

Whether you’re furnishing a new or new-to-you home, or refreshing your existing spaces, we give you top-to-bottom design help and project management.  More than that, we understand that you don’t want to settle for a home that looks like everyone else’s in order to get professional design help.  You want a home that's unique and imaginative, with items and colors that speak to your soul, but you also want a polished, cohesive designer look.

By working with us, you get it all - high quality furnishings and décor, stellar professional design help, AND out-of-the-box, memorable style that's uniquely ‘you,’ all in a seamless, well-organized service experience


Here’s how it works:

You talk, we listen

First, we get to know you and listen carefully to your ideas and preferences.

We put our creative genius to work


We use our experience and expertise to develop ideas for your project, including color palettes, space layouts, and full design plans (we create CAD drawings using the gold standard software in the industry, Chief Architect).

We cull the options


You’re not looking for 1,000 potential sofa fabrics.  You only need to see a couple of really fantastic possibilities.  We do the legwork for you and use our design knowledge to gather options for absolutely everything in your project that are ideal for you and your home.

We take care of everything


Once you’ve made final decisions on your selections, we handle all the administrative duties of ordering, tracking, and receiving your items.  We install everything in your home-paint, lighting, rugs, window treatments, artwork, furniture, and accessories.  We oversee our amazing subcontractors to transform your spaces, almost right before your very eyes.  It isn’t magic, but you’ll feel like it is! 

This service is best-suited for multi-room and whole house projects.

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