DJF Showhouse

What We Did: Furnishings, Wall and Ceiling Finishes, Lighting, Artwork, Décor

With proceeds benefiting the Wake County Boys and Girls Clubs, this home was built and designed with giving back in mind.  Inspired by the beauty of nature, we gave the foyer and master hall an unexpected blend of whimsy and elegance.

The Color Palettes

Foyer: Yellow, aqua, white, green, warm wood tones


Master Hall: Plum, blues ranging from aqua to cobalt, touches of white

This Project’s “Don’t Miss” Details

The foyer’s watercolor floral wallpaper featuring reflective  mica


The ceiling mural depicting a vine-covered pergola


The eight-light prismatic pendant light fixture


The framed artwork depicting nature’s beauty in the form of waterfalls, rainbows, and trees


The center table’s authentic tree root base and custom-crafted resin top


The large scale orchid arrangement reflecting and repeating the wallpaper’s blooms


The traditional rug grounds the otherwise fanciful space for a timeless appeal


The master hall’s vibrant, ombre wallpaper that begins with a dark plum at the bottom and moves through shades of purple and pink, ending in a warm, creamy yellow glow at the ceiling


The wallpaper’s goose grass pattern peaking through the glass of the mounted butterfly frames


The handcrafted wood chair is just right for curling up with a book


The flock of 75 birds in the metal wall sculpture by Hickman Studios


The tree art created with inlaid turquoise in a grid of ironwood by Favorite Designs

12804 Rosalie Street

Raleigh NC 27614​