DJF Showhouse, Foyer and Master Hall


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Inspired by the beauty of nature, this foyer and master hall are filled with whimsy, brilliant color, and wood accents. Get lost in the wonder of your imagination as you step into the foyer.

A watercolor floral wallpaper adorns the foyer walls, featuring a reflective mica that travels from the top of the wall and onto the painted ceiling. Depicted on the ceiling is a vine-covered pergola, illuminated by the eight-light, naturally elegant pendant light fixture. Below the pendant is a center table featuring an authentic tree root base and custom-created resin top, housing an array of books about the beauty of our earth. 


The natural elegant design and multitude of books find their way into the master hall as well. A vibrant ombre-style wallpaper is absolutely captivating, beginning with dark purple at the bottom, moving through shades of pink, and ending in a warm creamy yellow glow at the ceiling. Goose-grass depicted halfway up on the walls can be seen through the bright, turquoise butterflies mounted between glass in an assortment of sizes. Curl up in the handcrafted wood chair and enjoy a book in the cozy reading nook below the butterflies or admire the flock of seventy-five colorful metal birds on the opposite wall. The birds vary in size, depth, and shape, adding to the true whimsy of the master hall.  From the waterfalls, rainbows, and trees surrounding you in the art on the foyer walls, to the butterflies and birds that adorn the walls in the master hall, you can't help thinking to yourself, "I wish I was there."

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12804 Rosalie Street

Raleigh  NC 27614​