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The CCID Team

We're on a mission...
To transform your home into a timeless, soulful sanctuary.

At Colorful Concepts, we believe the spaces you live in should move your soul.  But there’s no hitting the “easy button” for that!  So we pull out all the stops to get to know you and to design spaces for you that are highly personalized.  Using our signature processes we take your style and reinterpret it in creative ways you never imagined. 

For over two decades, we’ve delighted clients in the Raleigh-Durham area and beyond who crave imaginative, memorable spaces.  Specializing in residential renovation and new construction projects, and complete home design and furnishing projects, we provide you with a highly personalized, professional, upbeat service experience. 

Through our masterful use of color and our commitment to sourcing unique, meaningful items-including handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, and custom pieces-we’ll transform your home into a timeless, soulful sanctuary all your own.

Meet Sally 

Sally Williams, Owner and Principal Designer of Colorful Concepts Interior Design, is passionately committed to doing work that makes a positive impact in her clients’ lives.  Her design aesthetic isn’t limited to just one style.  From French country to contemporary to traditional and more, Sally is an expert at working in any design style her clients love.


As the daughter of a United States Foreign Service Officer, Sally spent much of her childhood overseas.  That experience, combined with her multi-cultural heritage of French-Canadian on her father’s side and Peruvian on her mother’s, plays a huge role in Sally’s creativity and her ability to envision and design spaces in styles that span a world of cultures, eras, and styles. 

Her design “superpower” is in uncovering her clients’

aesthetics and using them to create timeless interiors that

speak to their souls.

Before following her creative side, Sally used the accounting degree she earned from the College of William and Mary to work in corporate accounting management for companies such as Marriott International.  This background benefits Sally’s design clients today, and they appreciate the accuracy and transparency of CCID’s detailed bookkeeping and invoicing.  She eventually decided to follow her life-long passion for fine art and crafts by opening what became a popular gallery in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. 


New Website Photo!.jpg

During her seven years of gallery ownership, Sally discovered her talent for interior design through the items she selected to sell and how she arranged them in the gallery.  Visitors commented again and again on the way the colorful space made them feel welcome, happy and uplifted. 


With the encouragement of gallery clients, friends, and family, Sally became educated in all things interior design and in 2002, closed the gallery and opened Colorful Concepts. 


Even today, her experiences with the gallery and the artists whose work she carried there continue to inform her design approach.  Unlike many designers, Sally begins her designs with the paint color palette, allowing color to set the tone for the entire project.  She works to transform a space the way an artist might transform a canvas, creating balanced composition and soulful colors and themes. 

Being in one of Sally’s spaces is like being in a painting come to life - it

transports you to a place that feels set apart from the rest of the world

Sally is a CQRID-certified Interior Designer and past president of the Triangle Chapter of the Interior Design Society; a member of numerous professional associations including the HomeBuilders Association and the Remodeler’s Council; and volunteers with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Green Chair Project.  She has lived in Raleigh for thirty years, where she and her husband, Richard, raised their two daughters, Angela and Nancy. 

Meet Katelyn

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Katelyn Pruett, Interior Designer, earned a B.S. in Interior Design with a minor in Business Administration from East Carolina University. Having had a passion for creativity from a young age, it’s no surprise she opted to pursue a career in design. Since working in the industry, Katelyn has discovered she also has a passion for the detailed work involved in bringing clients’ visions to life. In particular, she finds great joy in illustrating the vision for a project in renderings. Her sophisticated eye and love for all things creative make her a wonderful asset to our team as she helps to transform our clients’ spaces into something completely unique and meaningful to them.


Born and raised in North Carolina, Katelyn spent a short time living at the beach after college, but she’s now happy to be back in the Raleigh area where she grew up. Though she loves traveling and seeing new places, she makes it a point to return to the beach often to spend time with her parents. In addition to design, she finds delight in the creative pursuits of painting and woodworking. In her free time, Katelyn also enjoys staying active, spending time outdoors, and being with friends and family.

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