Our only signature is our determination to make every client’s home an uplifting, memorable, and soulful place for them to enjoy.

Our clients inspire us every day.  We deliberately choose not to have our own “signature style,” instead focusing on working within each client’s style.  Our only signature is our determination to make every client’s home an uplifting, memorable, and soulful place for them to enjoy. 
To take care of your design needs, we offer Full Service Design for Furnishings & Décor,
Full Service Design for New Construction & Renovations, and Color Consultation Services.

Full Service Interior Design
Every Full Service Interior Design project starts with an Initial Consultation.
This is an opportunity for us to come see your space, take some photos, and discuss your project in detail.  We'll go back to our office and use the information we gather from this meeting to prepare a detailed scope and an estimate of fees (not including the cost of furnishings) for your project.  We then schedule an appointment to discuss the proposal with you and determine whether anything needs to be added, removed, or otherwise tweaked in some way to best suit your needs.  The initial consultation visit to your home is charged at an hourly rate, and the length of this meeting will vary by project.

We offer full service interior design for furnishings & decor in Raleigh, NC.

Full Service Design for Furnishings & Décor

Whether you’re furnishing a new or new-to-you home, or refreshing your existing spaces, we give you top-to-bottom design help and project management.  More than that, we understand that you don’t want to settle for a home that looks like everyone else’s in order to get professional design help.  You want a home that's unique and imaginative, with items and colors that speak to your soul, but you also want a polished, cohesive designer look.

By working with us, you get it all - high quality furnishings and décor, stellar professional design help, AND out-of-the-box, memorable style that's uniquely ‘you,’ all in a seamless, well-organized service experience.

“Sally and her team are amazing to work with.  They really listened to what we wanted and paid attention to our style.  Everything she chose was spot on-even several pieces that were a little out of our comfort zone at first!  We’re so happy with how cohesive our home looks now.”

Rebecca M., Client - Full Service Design for Furnishings & Décor

Full Service Design for

New Construction & Renovations

If you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, this service lets us hold your hand through the many finishes, fixtures, and materials selections that need to be made to make your project amazing.

We offer interior design services for new construction & renovations in Raleigh, NC.

“I can't speak highly enough of Sally's professionalism, attention to detail, and ongoing coordination throughout the project.  I was impressed with the way she listened and didn't try to inject her own agenda, though she had many great ideas, almost all of which I incorporated into the project.  I was never blindsided by fees or invoices.  Her subcontractors were terrific.  She expected high quality, professional work, and they delivered.  In addition to her beautiful ideas, her project management skills are superb and she kept the whole project moving along.  No loose ends ever escaped Sally!  And she never settled for less than perfect.”

Becky K., Client - Full Service DesignRenovation and Furnishing Projects

Our color consultation service gives you comprehensive, personalized paint selection help from seasoned design professionals.

Color Consultation Service

Did we mention we kind of have a thing for color?

Color is what started it all for us.  In addition to loving how it can totally transform a space, we believe color has profound effects on our emotional and psychological well being.  We still find the same joy in helping our clients select paint colors they love and that make them feel the way they want to feel in their homes

Welcoming, cozy colors for your family room.  Energizing hues in your kitchen and home office.  Soothing tones for your master suite.  A pulled-together, cohesive palette throughout your entire home.  Whatever your color goals are, we know exactly how to help you achieve them.  Our Color Consultation Service gives you comprehensive, personalized paint selection help from seasoned design professionals.

“Sally Williams is the best designer I have ever had the privilege of working with.  She helped me transform my drab white walls into a warm wonderful palette with a definite designer’s touch.  Her gentle but to the point approach steered to in the most fabulous direction for wallpaper, as well.  I love, love, love all the choices she helped me make and I would definitely recommend her to anyone.  This girl knows her stuff and will help you transform your home into the house of your dreams!”

Lena M., Client - Color Consultation