Interior Design Approached Artistically 

Creating Timeless, Crisp, Optimistic Environments

Colorful Concepts Interior Design is an upscale interior design firm in the Raleigh–Durham area of North Carolina. At Colorful Concepts Interior Design we bring our timeless aesthetic to you. Our team works deliberately and efficiently with each client— taking their thoughts, needs, and uses into account before designing each space individually. With seven years of gallery ownership and a CQRID-certified interior designer on staff, our team begins with a close look at the color palettes which set the tone for each individual project within the space. Working closely with the owners, we build out and transform the space before their eyes, providing balance and crisp optimistic environments with soulful color schemes that deliver a distinct personality to every home.

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12804 Rosalie Street, Raleigh, NC 27614‚Äč